The Science Behind Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements that allow you to create and control your conscious thoughts and behaviors. If you have been on the self-help spectrum, you sure have noticed that everything has a vibration. High vibration brings good things such as abundance in wealth, health, knowledge… While low vibration can get quite harmful to your being, whether mentally, physically, or spiritually. To shift your vibe from low to high, the practice of affirmations can be a real game-changer. Affirmations have the power to lead you to your optimal path or vision of life.

Your thoughts are energy. They create emotions that fuel your belief system with power and manifest into your life through your actions. No doubt, everything is connected. As spiritual beings, we are in control of whatever was projected in our lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. It’s all created by the accumulation of thoughts and beliefs, which eventually become behaviors.

Research has demonstrated that around 80% of the 50,000 subliminal thoughts you have in a day are negative. That is a great deal of pessimism! Affirmations make you intentionally mindful of your musings. So when you intentionally think of positive musings, it is simpler to control the negative ones that are continually taking steps to dominate.

The practice of affirmations is a key tool to make your manifestation process conscious. It allows you to direct your thoughts towards your goal at a high level of vibration by generating a positive emotion regarding the outcome. That’s why an affirmation is carefully constructed in order to have the biggest impact. When you speak your affirmations out loud or think about them, they become the thoughts that shape your reality.


Affirmations are best to be taken as a practice of self-love. if you are consistent with practicing this optimistic set of beliefs and affirm it to yourself every single day, you will  eventually start noticing the difference

the practice of affirmation can be easy; all you have to do  is to follow these instructions, and you are good to go :

Step 1: “I am…”

Beginning your affirmation with the words ‘I am’ makes it powerful. It uses language that gives your subconscious mind a command. Your mind then interprets it as a directive that it must follow through on.

Step 2: Use present tense

Speak about things as if you already have them. It helps your mind to visualize the outcome. For example, you can use ‘I have a beautiful beach house flooded with sunlight’ instead of ‘this year I will buy a beach house.’

Step 3: Speak about what you do want.

Do not use negatives in your affirmation. Your subconscious mind does not recognize negatives. So if you say, ‘don’t shut yourself off to new opportunities, all your mind hears is ‘shut yourself off…’ Instead, try saying ‘I am open to new opportunities.

Step 4: Keep it brief

Don’t write an essay. It is easier to remember something short and snappy. Think “I naturally choose healthy foods” rather than “I always choose healthy foods over junk food because I’m mindful of my health.”

Step 5: Be specific

Including a specific one makes it easier for your mind to visualize the outcome. Instead of saying, ‘I will increase my income this year,’ say ‘I am enjoying my $500,000 earnings this year’.

Step 6: Write it for you

Make sure your affirmations describe your own actions and not the actions of others.

Step 7: Make it mean something.

Make sure your affirmation means something to you. It has to be meaningful on all levels. Speaks to you and crafted correctly.

Our reptilian mind is powerful be aware of how to use it your self-talk matters be gentle to yourself.

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